Born in southeastern Oklahoma, Levi Parham was raised listening to an eclectic mix of his father’s records. Legendary musicians such as Muddy Waters, Lightning Hopkins, Skip James, The Band, Van Morrison, Townes Van Zandt, and Woody Guthrie were in constant rotation on his father’s old stereo, blaring throughout his childhood home and making a deep impact on Parham’s musical style. With this wide range of influences, Levi started picking up instruments and writing songs at an early age and has kept up a prolific pace, piling up songs and refining his sound.

Levi released his first album, An Okie Opera, in may 2013. Currentland Magazine named it one of the top Red Dirt Albums of the year along side Samantha Crain, The Red Dirt Rangers, and Jason Boland saying, ” Parham is a major talent. He has a soulful, ballsy voice. His Songwriting is filled with infectious hooks, and easy rolling rhythms. These are all love songs, evoking the full range of emotions that go along with it.” Ryan Heinsius, Editor of Flagstaff Live Magazine wrote,  “A heartfelt piece of recorded Americana, raw and honest, showing off an up-and-coming songwriter molding a distinct and beautiful style.”

After releasing An Okie Opera, Parham performed at the Wood Guthrie Folk Festival held in Okemah, OK performing among such talents as John Fullbright, Steve Poltz, Rebecca Loebe, The Red Dirt Rangers, Samantha Crain, Hurray for the Riff Raff, Tim Easton, Parker Milsap, Lauren Lee and Liberty Road, The Damn Quails, Monica Taylor, Susan Herndon, David Amram, and so many more.

Levi’s newest album, an EP titled The First Bend On Avalon Drive, is set to be released December 2nd.



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